Human Rights Policy

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Commitment to Human Rights

Corning believes in the fundamental dignity of the Individual, which is one of our core Values. The very foundation of this Value is respect for the rights, freedoms and standards of treatment to which all people are entitled—human rights.

At Corning, we uphold these rights, regardless of race, sex, nationality, ethnicity, age or other status.  Respect for human rights is practiced the same way we practice our other Values: everyday, as a part of every interaction with each other and those with whom we do business. It is a responsibility we take seriously. The Corporate Relations Committee of our Board of Directors provides oversight on issues related to our human rights policy, risks and responses. The Senior Vice President of Human Resources has internal oversight over employee and contingent worker human rights matters and our Senior Vice President of Global Supply Management oversees the application of the policy to third party suppliers. We are committed to maintaining and improving our oversight systems and processes, which include due diligence targeting high-risk locations, supplier audits and compliance oversight within our supply chain, ongoing health and safety audits within our facilities, regular climate surveys that employees can complete anonymously, and a secure code of conduct hotline that any party can access. Our policy is communicated to workers and suppliers, who are expected to act in accordance with our policies as a condition of working for or doing business with Corning.

Corning also supports the advancement of human rights through our global efforts to make the world more connected, to expand technology access, and to promote sustainable technological innovations.  We are committed to continuous improvement, valuing the Individual, and being a responsible member of the communities in which we live and work around the globe.

Our Policy

At Corning, we:

  • Respect and support human rights as set out in the ten principles of the UN Global Compact.
  • Expect our employees and contractors to comply with this policy, in the context and spirit of Corning’s Values and Code of Conduct, and we seek to work with third parties who support our approach and standards.
  • Comply with applicable laws that support human rights wherever we operate. Where our policy goes further than local laws, we’ll operate to our policy. If our policy conflicts with local law, we’ll follow local law while trying as far as possible to act in accordance with the spirit of our policy.
  • Are committed to providing a fair, safe and healthy working environment for our employees that is free from unlawful discrimination, harassment, bullying or victimization.
  • Do not tolerate or support the use of child labor, forced or compulsory labor in our operations.
  • Respect and support the right of employees to establish, join or not join trade unions or other associations, and we recognize any local rights to collective bargaining.
  • Are committed to being an inclusive employer, promoting and valuing diversity within our workforce, among our customers, suppliers and in the communities in which we operate.
  • Care about the way our suppliers do business, and we will work with them to continuously improve. Our Supplier Code of Conduct outlines our expectations in the areas of labor and human rights, as well as health and safety, environment, ethical dealings and supply chain diversity.
  • Do not tolerate bribery and corruption in any form. Bribes, pay-offs, facilitation payments, secret, unjustified or inflated commissions, kick-backs and any like payments are strictly prohibited.

Employees who suspect any behavior which is inconsistent with this policy should follow the reporting procedures in Corning’s Code of Conduct.  Corning strictly prohibits any form of retaliation for good faith reports, as described in our Code of Conduct and Whistleblower Policy.




Wendell P. Weeks
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer