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Corning® Cables with Flow Ribbon Technology

Corning® Cables with Flow Ribbon Technology

Ribbon fiber cable’s extreme density revolutionized the installation process. But with data demand soaring, new advances are needed. Our cables with Flow Ribbon Technology are engineered to increase density, maximize duct space, reduce cable prep time, and increase installation speed.

These cables feature Corning® SMF-28® Contour optical fiber with a reduced 190 µm outer diameter arranged into a flowing ribbon configuration that provides flexibility and smaller, lighter, and more sustainable designs.

The MiniXtend® Ribbon Cable-200 Flow, available in 96-864 fiber counts, is optimized for air-assisted installation in microducts.

The RocketRibbon® XD Cable-200 Flow, available in 1728-6912 fiber counts, can be installed via pulling or jetting and has 288F thin-film subunits that route directly into hardware.

Learn more about our Cables with Flow Ribbon Technology

Learn more about our Cables with Flow Ribbon Technology

Explore Possibilities with Flow Ribbon Technology
Features Benefits Value
SMF-28® Contour Fiber, 190 μm Diameter Improved bend performance. ITU-T G.657.A1 and G.657.A2 options available, MFD of 9.2 μm maintains full compatibility with existing fiber networks Provides a platform for density and reduced errors in installation and operation
Flow Ribbon Technology 200 µm pitched ribbon allows for both 200 µm and 250 µm splicer compatibility, Flexible ribbon structure allows for easy routing in splice trays and housings Compatible with existing 250 µm splicer ecosystem, along with new 200 µm splicer technology
Reduced Cable Diameter Up to 60% reduction in cable diameter (288F MiniXtend Ribbon Cable-200 Flow compared to 288F SST-UltraRibbon™ cable) Doubling fiber count per duct at similar ODs
Indoor/Outdoor Rated Cable Dual flame rated cable [CPR/LSZH (EMEA) and Riser (NA)] allows for single global cable solution, Eliminates need for transition splice at building entry Reduction of procurement and inventory complexity by 50%. Lower installation cost and reduced installation time
Thin-Film Subunits (TSU) (864 fiber counts and above) Routable subunits require no furcation  Reduce cable prep time by 30%

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