Leading the Way to New Discoveries

Current technologies made possible because of fiber optics

We celebrate the 50th anniversary of Corning’s invention of low-loss optical fiber which transmits light signals over previously unimaginable distances with minimal degradation. Back in 1970, no one could have predicted the incredible advancements we’d make in the lightning-fast delivery of voice, data, video, and streaming.

Corning has been at the center of the telecommunications revolution, ushering in our new information age. And we continue to innovate to deliver more data at even greater speeds with more reliable connections and at lower installation costs. Currently, over 2 billion kilometers of optical fiber is deployed around the globe, linking families, friends, communities, businesses, and continents. 

With the same passion for invention and discovery, Corning also has developed many of the latest pioneering technologies made possible by fiber optics. These extend across the areas of optical communications networks, mobile consumer electronics, display, and automotive.