Faster, Simpler, and More Affordable Broadband Deployments with New Multifiber Pushlok™ Technology

Corning Advances Its Evolv® Portfolio of Connectivity Solutions To Help Network Operators Connect the Unconnected

Jonathan C. Brady
Published: March 18, 2024

The broadband industry is at a critical juncture as a historic level of government funding is available to bring the benefits of high-speed internet to more people around the world. Yet, to connect the unconnected, the industry needs to address emerging challenges such as cost constraints, accentuated by the need to connect remote higher-cost locations, labor shortages, as the telecommunications industry witnessed a nearly 25% decline in its workforce since 2012, and challenging build timelines set by public or private entities awarding funding.

Corning developed Multifiber Pushlok™ Technology with those challenges in mind, addressing speed, density and cost of deployment. The stick-and-click connector technology draws on Corning’s experience from helping network operators reach more than 100 million homes worldwide with advanced hardened connectivity solutions.

One recurring theme I hear from customers is the importance of fiber density in addressing the escalating data demands from video streaming, remote work, telehealth, video games and various online activities. As a fiber, cable and connectivity solutions provider, Corning recognizes the critical challenge – while bandwidth demand is surging, the available space for network infrastructure remains limited, constraining operators’ choices in product selection and network design. Our latest Multifiber Pushlok Technology addresses those challenges, increasing fiber density while reducing size and maximizing simplicity of installation to meet these evolving needs head-on.  

New Multifiber Pushlok Technology is a key feature in a newly enhanced line of Evolv® solutions which reduces splice labor effort in the field and helps installers connect homes and businesses more efficiently. 

  • Evolv® Assemblies with Multifiber Pushlok™ Technology
    With a reduced size and about half the typical insertion loss compared to its previous generation, the assemblies’ new Multifiber Pushlok connector helps simplify deployments with tactile and audible feedback and adds versatility to operators’ network architecture – serving several application use cases. 
  • Evolv® Terminals with Multifiber Pushlok™ Technology
    Multifiber Pushlok-enabled terminals are available in a stubless format to strategically reduce operators’ reliance on extensive inventory and part numbers. This new stubless solution supports operators’ sustainability objectives by reducing packaging material per unit by up to 30%, helping operators minimize waste, while maximizing shipping efficiencies by enabling up to 45% more product per pallet.
  • Evolv® FlexNAP™ with Multifiber Pushlok™ Technology
    Preconnectorized to fit network operators’ customer-specific locations, the FlexNAP™ system reduces reliance on skilled labor during deployment - facilitating cost savings of at least $25 per home passed compared to traditional splice methods. Thanks to its smaller form factor, the new FlexNAP system on RPX® cable seamlessly fits into a 1.25-inch duct, an advancement over legacy solutions limited to 2-inch ducts, providing duct materials cost savings and up to a 50% carbon footprint reduction.* Unique to Multifiber Pushlok tethers is a new built-in, locatable dust cap for buried deployments, to aid operators in troubleshooting the infrastructure by swiftly locating tethers.


At Corning, we’ve made it our mission to simplify our customers’ efforts to connect the unconnected. We’ve joined forces with industry organizations and invested in U.S. manufacturing to allocate supply towards this mission. We’ve also developed training programs to address the industry’s labor shortage and continually work to simplify deployment processes with preconnectorized solutions. With Multifiber Pushlok Technology and the solutions it enhances, we’re adding to these commitments, making fiber broadband deployments faster, simpler, and more cost-efficient.

For more information on our new Multifiber Pushlok Technology click here. To speak with a Corning representative, fill out the form below.

 *Carbon footprint estimates were calculated internally based on the reduction of plastic materials from transitioning from a 2-inch duct to a 1¼-inch duct. 

Jonathan C. Brady

Jonathan C. Brady is the FTTx Market Development Manager for Carrier Networks. In his current role, Jonathan supports major network operators in their deployment of fiber broadband, oversees the development of new solutions and works with customers to solve the industry’s toughest challenges. Jonathan has expertise in strategic network evaluation, pre-connectorized solutions, and 5G applications. He holds a Bachelor’s in mechanical engineering from the University of Alaska Anchorage and an MBA from UNC Chapel Hill’s Kenan-Flagler Business School.

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