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Whether your fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network design has closures in a buried or aerial environment, one thing remains the same: you need assured environmental protection and quick, incremental subscriber drops. From our experience in the field, we know that not all closures are the same. Corning's closures are designed with your needs in mind.

BPEO Closure Series

BPEO Closure Series

A versatile closure designed for up to 576 fiber splices. BPEO closures are tool-less, compact, fully mechanical, and can be used with micro cable. Innovative single circuit management allows for secure fiber routing in multi-service deployments. These closures are compatible with multiple drop environments and are an excellent choice for wall-mount applications, manholes, and handholes.

ECAM Installations – Access your video library

ECAM Installations – Access your video library

External and mechanical cable entries (ECAM) allow you to prepare the cable outside of the closure and connect it without disturbing already installed fibers.

To install one of your ECAMs, check the installation films below as well as the instruction documents of the product.

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