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EDGE™ 4x4 Mesh Module

EDGE™ 4x4 Mesh Module

As the size of our networks grew during the last decade, we saw a shift from classical 3-tier network architectures to a flatter and wider Spine-and-Leaf architecture. With its fully meshed connectivity approach, Spine-and-Leaf architecture provided us with the predictable high-speed network performance we were craving and reliability in our network switch fabric.

Principles of Scaling a Leaf-and-Spine Fabric:

  • The main building blocks are Network Leaves and Network Spines.
  • Hosts can only be connected to Leaf Switches
  • All Leaf Switches must be connected to all available Spine Switches
  • The uplink port count on the Leaf Switch determines the maximum number of Spine Switches.
  • The Spine Switch port count determines the maximum number of Leaf Switches
  • These principles influence the way Switch manufacturers design their equipment

Whether you’re already using spine-and-leaf architecture or if you’re migrating soon, we can help you make the most of your data center space. By including Corning’s EDGE solutions and EDGE™ mesh modules in your plan, you can reduce:

  • Space and congestion by 75 percent
  • Insertion loss by 10 percent
  • Deployment costs by 45 percent compared to traditional LC duplex breakouts

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