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EDGE8® Port Breakout Module

EDGE8® Port Breakout Module

Parallel optics is the answer to ever-increasing demand on data center networks. With greater density, improved safety, higher signal quality, and cost reductions — in CapEx on day one, OpEx on day two, and even beyond — parallel optics with port breakout applied, offers dramatic benefits over wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) in creating future-ready networks.

Breaking out parallel ports is beneficial for multiple applications, such as building large scale spine-and-leaf networks is commonly used to operate 40/100G parallel optics transceivers as four 10/25G links today, but also provides scalability to 400G and beyond for future ready data centers.

Port breakout applications provide benefits in multiple ways:

  • 40G ports in 4x10G breakout mode for multimode applications can save up 85% costs compared to discrete 10G ports
  • You can triple the port capacity of a switch card operating in a 10G or 25G network
  • With optimized port breakouts and harness mapping, our EDGE8 solution yields 100% asset utilization
  • No conversion modules or harnesses are needed; no extra connector pairs impacting insertion loss

Corning’s EDGE™ mesh modules are an ideal solution in spine & leaf application, distributing one high density port (spine switch) across several devices (leaf switches).

Mesh modules help on migrating to these large scale networks, making the most of your data center space.

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