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Loss Matters

Loss Matters

Corning is a leader and innovator in low-loss optical fiber. Corning's fibers enable high-purity transmissions over long-haul networks at higher speeds and at a lower cost per bit.

Demonstrating Subsea Backhaul for 400 Tb/s Transatlantic Linear Transmission

Corning addresses trends in terrestrial and subsea networks with TXF® optical fiber and Vascade® EX2000 optical fiber.

Extended Capacity for Next-Generation Long-Haul Networks

Corning and Infinera demonstrate 55 Tb/s capable transmission equipment operating in C- and L- bands across 600 km of G.654.E compliant ultra-low-loss, large effective area fiber.

Fiber Solutions to Address Space Constraints in Access Networks

These challenges have driven innovative cable designs, enabled by a new class of fiber with a lower 200 µm outer diameter and resulting in smaller, lighter-weight products that are easier to install and that extend the life of existing infrastructure.

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