Community Broadband for Municipalities

Don’t go it alone. We’re here to help.

Don’t go it alone. We’re here to help.

Access to affordable, reliable high-speed broadband can greatly expand economic development opportunities and competitiveness for communities everywhere. Although developing a municipal network comes with a unique set of challenges, the rewards are proven to be well worth the effort. From the first call to go-live, our experts can help you succeed with advice on funding, planning, products, execution, and more.

Whether you have questions, are ready to take the next step, or just looking to connect, we’re here for you. Contact Chris Williams, our community broadband expert today.

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Community Broadband Deployment Spotlight

Community Broadband Deployment Spotlight

Learn how communities like yours are already bringing fiber to the people.

Empowering Open Access Fiber Networks

The internet is still reshaping how we live, learn, and work. There is substantial need for scalable network connectivity. But unprecedented demand introduces challenges in ensuring your offerings can handle the bandwidth increase. In this case study on Netly Fiber, you’ll discover how:

  • Netly is giving ISPs more control over open access networks
  • Unique pricing mechanisms can help providers shape the economics of fiber
  • Corning is supporting Netly with solutions that meet their mission

Learn more about how Corning is helping Netly deliver open access networks to underserved areas:

Read the Case Study >

Other Municipalities’ Success Stories

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Offering 10 Gig Community Broadband as a Utility: Chattanooga, Tennessee

Your Broadband Journey

Your Broadband Journey

Smart planning can help you overcome the challenges and reap the rewards of becoming a “smart” city. Here’s how.


1. Build Your Business Case

Formalizing your community’s vision and understanding your ROI are key to building your business case.



2. Plan Your Network

The architecture that you deploy and the network design you implement will have a major impact on the cost of your installations and long-term operational costs.

Planning the Transformation From Traditional to Smart Cities



3. Build Your Network

Just like every community, every fiber deployment is unique. Explore the options and find the approach that best fits your needs here.



4. Operate Your Network

The choices you make for network architecture, design, and deployment will have a lasting impact on your operational cost and practices.

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