EDGE™ LC Lockable Uniboot Jumpers

EDGE™ Lockable Uniboot Jumpers

EDGE™ Lockable Uniboot Jumpers

The EDGE™ Lockable Uniboot Jumper (sometimes referred to as a Uniboot Patch Cord) is the newest addition to the Corning EDGE™ Uniboot Jumper family. This state-of-the-art assembly showcases the value that comes with the LC Uniboot connector, but now, with no special skills or training required, can easily be locked in the field, eliminating partial connection risk and accidental disconnects.

The New EDGE™ Lockable Uniboot Jumper reduces the risk of accidentally bringing down the network and reduces the cost of trouble shooting the disconnected link.

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What does your network look like? Here’s how the EDGE™ Lockable Uniboot Jumper can mitigate risk in your network.


Feature Benefits Value

Lock-out engagement eliminates partial connection

Integrated trigger lock-out feature ensures accidental disconnects do not occur

No need for extraction tools or protection plug for installation/extraction  

Assured Connectivity
LC System Compatible with any existing network system environment (equip-panel, panel-panel, equip-equip) LC duplex connectivity. 100% Compatible
Uniboot Design  This uniboot design allows one cable to carry both fibers, reducing the jumper bulk when routing Higher Density
Reverse Polarity Maintains reversed polarity capability without exposing internal components. In the field with no tooling requirements Polarity management

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