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Corning's Fiber Broadband Training Program

Corning's Fiber Broadband Training Program

We are living in a time of extraordinary challenge and opportunity. With substantial new public and private investment in broadband expansion, fiber broadband deployment is poised for major growth. But building the next generation of internet and telecommunications infrastructure will require thousands of new fiber broadband technicians.

The challenge presented by this gap in the workforce is also an immense opportunity to bridge the digital divide, providing a diverse 21st century workforce with the tools it needs to thrive in a growing industry.

That’s why Corning has crafted an expert-led training program focused on equipping the technicians and network specialists of the future across the industry with skills crucial to design, deploy, and maintain an expanding fiber broadband network across the United States. By helping prepare people for high-quality jobs that serve to connect the unconnected, this training will deliver benefits across the industry and society.

Join us for this five-day program at Corning Optical Communications headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, to start your fiber optics journey.

Course Information:

Course Information:

We’ve developed a comprehensive training program to meet the needs of the industry and provide training for interested fiber technicians or anyone looking to start a career in fiber.

The Corning Fiber Broadband Technician (CFBT) training is a five-day course that includes intensive hands-on training on optical fiber and networking, network design, hands-on splicing, connectorization, field construction for cable deployment, testing, and system turn-up. Upon completion, trainees will be prepared to fill needed roles at carriers, construction firms, and broadband providers.

Students will be provided resource materials, tools, consumables, and safety PPE needed to complete the hands-on exercises.


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