Fiber to the great outdoors: Corning delivers connectivity to Getaway’s remote cabins

How Corning helped Getaway build an ‘invisible’ connectivity solution

By Jessica Janis
Published: August 31, 2022

Getaway advertises their outposts in nature as refuges from the modern world – including digital devices. Their cabins don’t have guest facing Wi-Fi and even include a cell phone lockbox to quell any temptation to look at screens or check in on work for the duration of your stay. But the reality today is that even a company advertising a minimalist experience free from digital distractions needs reliable connectivity. Getaway recently partnered with Corning and Safety NetAccess to create the infrastructure for the company’s more than 40 cabins in rural areas across the US. While the network infrastructure may not be visible, it’s essential for a seamless and enjoyable experience for guests and an example of how fiber can create powerful, flexible and adaptable networks for any business – even if that business is all about disconnecting and getting back to nature.

Providing connectivity so guests can disconnect

Fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) has typically referred to all-fiber networks that deliver services to places like individual homes, businesses, or apartments. However, the scope of “premise” is becoming broader as optical fiber becomes the preferred medium to reach devices deeper and further into networks than ever before, and for a wide variety of environments and use cases. Often referred to as “Fiber-To-The-X (FTTX),” the concept is expanding to places like remote camping, where Internet connection isn’t in the foreground of the experience. Particularly in more remote regions where cellular coverage is inconsistent, fiber can deliver the speeds and reliability businesses need and the demand for data increases.

While Getaway’s customers are seeking a quiet weekend in nature, the company still has a number of connectivity needs, including a non-broadcast Wi-Fi solution, phone system, access control and building management for things like water leak detection. The overall experience is decidedly low-tech, but guests are sent a code for the front door lock to get into their cabin, and there is a phone that can be used to call emergency services or the company for assistance or repairs (or, perhaps more importantly, to request more s’mores.)

Fiber-to-the-edge for a seamless and premium experience

Getaway specifically wanted a technology solution that would fade into the background, providing reliable and secure connectivity, and a unique, premium experience while going unnoticed by guests. They turned to Safety NetAccess and Corning’s Everon solution to build and manage the network to meet this challenge.

Everon is Corning’s suite of enterprise network solutions, built on optical fiber technology, where wired and wireless connectivity function on a single network. It’s a turnkey product backed by Corning’s history of quality, with a national network that has the reach to deliver in remote locations across the country.

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Getaway chose Corning over several other potential connectivity solutions, including a traditional switched network, a cellular network and Citizens Band Radio Service, or CBRS, which is a private, two-way, short-distance voice communications service. A switched network is not as desirable because of the cabins’ need for an analog phone, and Corning had a solution that had both POE data ports and an analog port on the same device. A cellular network would have required a visible cell tower, and CBRS would need noticeable equipment on the sides of the cabins, going against Getaway’s desire for an invisible solution. CBRS can also have reliability issues in wooded areas with varied terrain, making it less than idea for a secluded campground.

The right solution for a unique network need

On Getaway’s sites, a local fiber-to-the-edge infrastructure network ensures connectivity to efficiently run and operate the facilities’ operations without the high costs associated with installing a cellular tower. This solution provides unlimited bandwidth while still being a cost-effective solution to each of the dozens of cabins over wide areas in a variety of climates. A fiber-to-the-edge solution brings more flexibility with less infrastructure, as optical fiber brings data to the edge of the network. It’s perfect for a company like Getaway that needs connectivity for things like remote door locks, while leaving plenty of capacity for future expansion into Internet of Things technologies like closed-circuit TV cameras.

As our world becomes increasingly connected, the definition of fiber-to-the-premises is changing. It’s not just homes and offices where people need fast, reliable and secure connectivity but truly anywhere. Corning is looking to build connections so the world can make them, powering every kind of experience, from a smart factory humming with robots and state-of-the-art technology to a quiet cabin with no screens in sight.

Learn more about Corning’s Everon solution here.

Jessica Janis iis the Business Development Director of Sports & Entertainment at Corning Optical Communications.  Jessica focuses on expanding the adoption of future-ready infrastructure in Hospitality, Sports, Entertainment and other large public venue environments.  After spending 15 years in various telecommunications and technology consulting and sales positions, her passion for connecting people and their devices led her to Corning, where she accelerated next-generation connectivity efforts in the Western U.S.  Her current role is a vertically focused, national role in Market Development working with hotels, stadiums, arenas, convention centers and large multi-use developments.  In addition to sitting on the Vendor Advisory Council for HTNG / AHLA, she also sits on the Advisory Board for The Los Angeles Sports & Entertainment Commission (LASEC), a non-profit organization officially designated by Los Angeles Tourism to attract, secure and support high-profile sports and entertainment events in Los Angeles. Jessica holds a BA in Organizational Leadership from Chapman University.

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