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High-Capacity Optical Fiber Solutions for Transoceanic and Regional Submarine Networks

Corning® Submarine Optical Fibers

Corning® Submarine Optical Fibers

Corning submarine optical fibers provide the performance required in all undersea networks and enable submarine fiber network solutions with high-transmission capacity. All fibers in our submarine fiber portfolio share the fundamental characteristics of superior mechanical reliability and industry-leading optical performance. Our manufacturing processes deliver both volume and quality to meet growing industry needs.

Submarine optical fiber solutions are also available in coloring and splicing options with customized lengths, enabling cable manufacturers to reduce cost and minimize footprint. These finishing steps occur in a clean room, providing the reliability and performance required in harsh undersea environments.

How To Order Submarine Optical Fibers

Corning’s submarine fibers can be purchased natural or colored with Corning® ColorPro® identification technology.

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