ColorPro™ Identification Technology

Today’s fast-moving global economy requires your business to maximize production efficiency, cut costs, and simplify inventory management. That’s why Corning now offers colored and ringmarked fibers featuring ColorPro® identification technology. By taking the coloring step out of your process, ColorPro identification technology will put time back in your day and space back in your inventory. Ultimately, you’ll get your products to market faster.

The Value of ColorPro® Identification Technology to Cablers

Understanding natural, colored, and ringmarked fiber

Natural Fiber

Corning offers natural—or, not colored—fiber. Fiber bought in this format is then colored at the cable manufacturer.

Colored Fiber

Corning offers colored fibers in 12 standard colors. This fiber is colored at Corning’s manufacturing facility.

Ringmarked fiber

Ringmarked Fiber

Corning offers a ringmarked solution for fiber identification beyond the 12 standard colors. This fiber is colored at Corning’s fiber manufacturing facility. 

How to Order

How to Order

Our team is committed to providing outstanding service before, during, and after the sale. To learn more about our products or to place an order, please contact your sales representative, call our Customer Service Department at 1-607-248-2000 (U.S. and Canada) / +44-1244-525-320 (Europe), or email us at . Thank you for your interest.