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New ultra-low-loss, large effective area terrestrial fiber 

TXF™ Optical Fiber

TXF™ Optical Fiber

Another in Corning’s long line of innovative optical fiber products, Corning’s TXF™ optical fiber combines both ultra-low loss and a larger effective area. TXF fiber is compliant with ITU-T Recommendation G.654.E, a category of advanced fibers for long-haul terrestrial networks with cut-off wavelength shifted to just below the loss minimized C-band region.

The superior attributes of TXF fiber allow for the provision of additional network margin that can be leveraged to allow reliable, high-data-rate transmission over longer spans and extended reach. As a result, long-haul networks with TXF fiber can be designed more efficiently, reducing the need for amplification sites, which is particularly important in remote territories with challenging terrains. TXF fiber also minimizes the number of needed regenerators, even as higher data rate upgrades are planned with more stringent OSNR requirements.

TXF fiber can be purchased natural or colored. Corning fibers with ColorPro™ identification technology, our coloring solution, enable cable manufacturers to reduce cost, minimize footprint, and leverage an enhanced product offering. Find more information about Corning® ColorPro™ Identification Technology.

In The News

In The News

Corning TXF™ Optical Fiber Advances Next Generation Long-Haul Networks

Corning Incorporated (NYSE:GLW) will demonstrate its latest optical fiber innovation at the 2018 Optical Networking and Communication Conference & Exhibition (OFC), March 13-15 in San Diego, California.

Corning® TXF™ fiber enables high data-rate transmission over longer spans and extended reach for improved network flexibility and lower network cost. TXF fiber, an ultra-low loss, silica-core fiber with large effective area, is ITU-T G.654.E compliant, highlighting the industry’s recognition of the value that large effective-area fiber can bring to the terrestrial market.

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