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World’s most widely-deployed non-zero dispersion-shifted fiber

Corning® LEAF® Optical Fiber

Corning® LEAF® Optical Fiber

Corning® LEAF® optical fiber has become the go-to solution for long-haul and metro networks. In the race to satisfy the global demand for bandwidth, LEAF fiber is the clear winner as the world's most widely deployed non-zero dispersion-shifted fiber (NZDSF).

LEAF fiber is also the industry leader in polarization mode dispersion (PMD) specifications and has the lowest attenuation of any NZDSF on the market.

LEAF fiber is built to withstand decades of demands in challenging environments and can be used in multiple network architectures. It can help existing networks evolve from 10G to the 40G and 100G systems of the future.

LEAF fiber can be purchased natural or colored. Corning® ColorPro™ identification technology, our coloring solution, enables cable manufacturers to reduce cost, minimize footprint, and leverage an enhanced product offering. Find more information about Corning ColorPro Identification Technology.