Fiber Frames Simplify Network Migration

The number of internet-capable devices (phones, tablets, computers, etc.) continues to increase, placing a burden on existing infrastructure and creating bandwidth bottlenecks. This growing consumer demand for more robust and reliable bandwidth is challenging service providers to respond by maximizing their existing networks to increase speeds. 

Most providers who are contemplating an upgrade from copper to fiber broadband are not in a position to do a full scale rip and replace. Adding capacity in existing infrastructure is one way to quickly provide higher quality, reliable service. Our traditional copper cross-connect cabinets can be retrofitted for fiber, enabling you to migrate to fiber at your own pace. Fiber frames are an innovative approach to balance sustainability, aesthetics, and deployment speed by using existing copper cross-connect cabinet infrastructure and converting them to high-density fiber distribution frames.

Features Benefits
Low material, permit, and placement costs Can help reduce cost of fiber deployments
Avoids permitting to place a new cabinet Fast installation
Ability to use existing cabinet space instead of adding new infrastructure Less visual pollution for residents
Less material than adding another cabinet to site Sustainable alternative to traditional local convergence point deployments

Each fiber frame provides optimized configuration port density for distribution, as well as input and pass-through, intuitive and organized fiber routing, and secure placement of ruggedized planar light circuit (PLC) splitters.

Fiber frames are designed to be modular, enabling them to work with most cabinets currently deployed in networks today. These frames will mount directly into the cabinets when used in conjunction with an optional hardware mounting kit or newly installed bottom frame support. The frames can be mounted in the same location and space that is available within an existing cabinet that could also mount the standard copper frame if required.

A conversion kit can be used to increase capacity for many by transitioning single-sided cabinets into double-sided cabinets or by turning a low-profile cabinet into a taller cabinet.

If a conversion kit won’t supply enough additional capacity, expansion cabinets can help. These new, taller, wider, or deeper cabinet shells can replace existing cross-connect cabinet shells, as well as other manufacturers’ cabinets that are installed in North American telecom networks. The combination of fiber frames and expansion cabinets allows for reskinning cabinets without disturbing existing connected customers.

Fiber Frame SS 432/72

Fiber Frame Installation Step

Single-Mode 1x32 Splitter Module