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Big city amenities aren’t just for residents of big cities any more. Towns of all sizes are planning the transformation from traditional to smart cities, a move that’s mutually beneficial to municipal leaders and the citizens they serve. By creating a clear vision, collaborating in new and innovative ways, and refocusing financial priorities, the smart city model will bring new life and vibrancy to our world, ushering in an era of enormous potential and growth.


Security solutions based on the systematic monitoring – that is, real-time data collection and evaluation – of public places.

Transportation Infrastructure and Mobility

With the implementation of horizontal and vertical signage, smart traffic lights, and monitoring cameras, an Integrated Public Transport System (IPTS) can significantly improve urban mobility.

Risk Management and Disaster Preparedness

With the goals of: 1) reducing natural disasters; 2) knowing the risks and taking action; and 3) building understanding, awareness, and preparedness, many cities around the globe are building smart monitoring systems for earthquakes, flood waters, etc. to quickly alert the population.

Energy Efficiency

Smart street lighting systems can improve a city’s carbon footprint and, when implemented with renewable energy sources like wind turbines, can make cities carbon-neutral.


Digitization of school information and the use of mobile applications improve assistance to students and increase learning and pass rates.

Waste Disposal

Waste disposal management can be handled in an integrated manner – garbage collection can be automated by investing in the use of smart containers.

Smart Water Management

Smart water management can be used for seawater desalination and wastewater recycling on a large scale. Some communities are testing a sensor technology that detects soil moisture and activates the irrigation system only when needed.


e-health initiatives include the unification of people’s health data in an electronic medical record, a digital identity that allows people to get medicines using digital prescriptions, the use of electronic tablets to track the well-being of the elderly, and analytics systems to prevent deaths during heat waves.

The world is embracing smart cities as a way to mitigate the inherent risk of wasted resources that often leads to lower quality of life. Municipal leaders that want to ensure their community’s place in the innovation economy should start with ubiquitous, affordable access to broadband connectivity. The same fiber network that delivers voice, data, and video at lightning speeds can support all existing smart city applications – and those that have yet to be dreamed up. The clearest path to the digital future starts with fiber. 

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When planning for your fiber optic network, don’t go it alone – Corning is here to help. Our robust partner ecosystem offers a comprehensive set of solutions to address the challenges of today while you’re building the city of tomorrow. Let us show you the impact a fiber optic network can have on your community. 

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