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Closing the Digital Divide in Douglas County, Oregon

As network operators and municipalities across North America take steps to deploy community broadband, many can follow in the footsteps of communities that have successfully closed the digital divide with fiber.

Once in the digital dark because of poor internet service, Douglas County, Oregon, is one of those communities that championed reliable, high-speed, fiber-based internet and was able to deliver it to its residents, businesses, and institutions over the course of two decades.

“Douglas County, Oregon: Building a Fiber Pathway Forward” is a case study that explores how:

  • DFN and its parent company built out the region’s fiber infrastructure within 20+ years.
  • DFN became one of Oregon’s first internet service providers to offer 1-Gbit/s service.
  • Renewed funding will help DFN expand its fiber infrastructure and offer 10-Gbit/s symmetrical services in the future.

If you're in the process of designing and planning a fiber network, we invite you to read the case study of Douglas County, Oregon, and discover what high-speed broadband could mean for your community.

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