Multifiber Cable Assemblies and LAN1 Housing | Corning

Meeting a wide variety of applications, Corning’s LAN1 Fiber Housing and pre-terminated multifiber trunk assemblies offer fast network deployment, easy installation, and a simple design to fulfil all basic data center needs and offer rapid deployment for low- to medium-density applications in MTDC/colocation data center environments.


  • Pre-terminated LC Uniboot cable assemblies from 8-288 F enable fast deployment
  • 50% leg space saved with LC Uniboot connectors and flexible slack management with 2 fibers in one leg
  • Combined with lightweight, but rugged and stable LAN1 housing suitable for lower fiber count edge or colocation data center or local area network deployments
  • LC duplex connectivity with ceramic adapter inserts for better fiber alignment and shutters for clean low-loss connectivity
  • Corning® ClearCurve® multimode and SMF-28® Ultra fibers reduce network downtime & provide channel insertion loss (CIL) headroom

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