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Bridge the Gap Between R&D and Production

Corning has been at the forefront of upstream single-use technology. Our single-use adherent and suspension cell culture products provide reliable, predictable scale-up for biologic manufacturing and cell therapy applications. From initial process development through GMP manufacturing, we’ll work with you to develop a platform to accomplish your goals. Complementary products such as media, advanced surface chemistry, and closed system accessory options round out our product offerings and provide a complete solution for your workflow.

Webinar: Grow More, Doubt Less

Are you ready to scale-up your cell culture towards commercial levels? For many, this can be a daunting task. To efficiently scale-up, there are a number of important aspects to consider, including:

  • Optimal vessel for your cell type
  • Amount of space you have available
  • Synergizing with additional vessels for larger scale cultures

We developed a webinar as a guide to help you along your scale-up journey and hit all the above criteria. View this webinar to see how you can accelerate your scale-up path.

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Cell Culture Environments

Scale-up cells in defined conditions, reduce contamination, and minimize your footprint using advanced validated surface solutions from Corning.

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Cell Expansion

Whether you're expanding suspension or adherent cell lines, we offer a full range of cell culture vessels, from T-75 Flasks to 50L rocker bags.

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Vaccine Manufacturing

From HYPERStack® cell culture vessels to CellSTACK® culture chambers to microcarriers, Corning provides the full range of tools you'll need to successfully perform and improve adherent-based cultures for vaccine scale-up and production.

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Technical Documents


Bioprocess Application Library

Bioprocess Application Library

From product selection guides to application notes to validation documents, our online technical library is available anytime you need to facilitate your scale-up and production applications.

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