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Improve Scale-up of Adherent Cells for Bioproduction

Improve Scale-up of Adherent Cells for Bioproduction

A major challenge for manufacturing adherent cells for advanced therapies is producing the large quantities of cells needed in a cost-effective manner. To address the need for a more efficient solution, Corning developed the novel Ascent FBR System, a fixed bed bioreactor system designed to combine the benefits of adherent bioproduction platforms with the scale and automation of suspension manufacturing systems.

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Features and Benefits


Uniformity drives higher yield

The woven mesh of the bioreactor in the Corning Ascent FBR System is designed to enable uniform media flow, cell adhesion and cell growth resulting in significantly higher yield than competitive FBR systems. These images show even seeding of HEK293 cells after three hours (left) and subsequent even cell growth after 3 days (right).

Linear Scalability

Linear Scalability

The Corning Ascent FBR System is designed to provide linear scalability from process development scale to production scale (1 square meter to 1,000 square meters) to create a stable, cost-efficient and well-defined manufacturing process.

Cell Harvest

Cell Harvest

The Ascent FBR is designed to harvest viable cells with >90% recovery and to be used for other applications that require the ability to harvest large quantities of cells, such as regenerative medicine and cell-based meat.

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