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Missile Radomes and Missile Dome Technology

Missile Radomes and Missile Dome Technology

Extreme durability and very low coefficient of expansion make Corning's missile radomes and dome and radome technology ideally suited for missile nosecones.

Machining and Environmental Durability

Versatile Machining, Environmental Durability

Missile Radomes

Corning produces a proprietary material, Corning® PYROCERAM®, for use in missile radomes. The glass ceramic material, produced by Corning since the 1950s, is opaque, gray in color, and has high strength, high elastic modulus, and uniform dielectric properties.

It can be manufactured on ogival* shapes, hemispheres, pressware sheets and various machined shapes.

Missile Dome Technology

Corning produces dome materials such as 9754 as well as has the ability to finish missile domes.


  • Tactical Missile Nosecones
  • Antenna Windows
  • Radomes
  • Solid Wave Guides
  • Hydrospace Systems


  • Ogival shapes:  Up to 48 inches long x 20 inches diameter
  • Hemispheres: Up to 16 inches in diameter
  • Pressware Sheets: Up to 27 x 27 inches at 1.0 inch or 17 x 17 inches at 2.0 inches

*pointed arch