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Corning offers a complete line of solutions for every part of your optical local area network, from cables to connectors, hardware to accessories.


What Type of Local Area Network Are You Building?


Local Area Network Tools You Can Use

Enterprise Networks Bill of Materials Tool

Enterprise Networks Bill-of-Materials Tool

Forget the guesswork. We can help you select the fiber optic products you need for your enterprise network with our configurable LANscape® Solutions Bill-of-Materials Tool. 

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Enterprise Networks Core Product Guide

Enterprise Networks Core Products Guide

We’ve got technology for virtually every local area network need. But often it comes down to the 20 percent of products you need 80 percent of the time. We’ve boiled that down into our Enterprise Networks Core Products – the products most often used by our customers. 


Local Area Networks Design Checklist

Local Area Networks Design Checklist

Do you have what you need for your LAN design and installation? Our checklist ensures you’ve accounted for every item, from connectors to grounding kits.



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