Frequently Asked Questions

Bill-of-Materials (BOM) Tool Frequently Asked Questions

Bill-of-Materials (BOM) Tool Frequently Asked Questions

Will the BOM tool generate all Corning part numbers?

No. The BOM tool only configures a subset of part numbers based on what customers most frequently order.

Does this tool work with Apple computers?

No. The tool uses Visual Basic for Applications, which is not compatible with Apple computers.

When will a new version be issued?

This BOM tool goes hand-in-hand with our Enterprise Networks Core Products Guide, which is updated annually. Our goal is to update this tool on a quarterly basis. Please register and download the tool, so you are notified when a new release is available.

When configuring a part number, can I go out of order? For example, can I skip step 1 and go to step 3?

It is recommended that the user start at step 1 and go in order to get a correct part number and description.

Where can I find the latest version?

We ask that all users register for the tool and download it from our website. You can download the latest version here.

Why do I have to register to receive the tool?

Registering will allow you to receive email updates when a new version of the BOM is available. As part of the registration process, you will be required to agree to the Terms of Service for the tool and must read and review Corning’s privacy policy.

I found an error or I want to suggest something to add into the future updates of the tool.

Please email: We appreciate your feedback.

Where can I view a tutorial on how to use the BOM tool?

Corning’s BOM tool instructional video is available on YouTube. Please click the “Instructional video” linked text to access the video.