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What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying


"not often I’m sold on a computer product simply from the wording on the box, but when I saw what Corning promised with USB 3. Optical Cable, I knew immediately it was something I wanted."  
Marty Edwards 

"Corning's Thunderbolt Optical Cables are the ideal companion to our line of desktop and rack mountable mTape Thunderbolt LTO archiving solutions for the media and entertainment industry. Corning Optical Thunderbolt Cables give our users the flexibility to locate our systems wherever they want them?be it the edit bay or the in their facility's server room." 
Roger Mabon, mLogic

"Rest assured, when any of our customers ask for long Thunderbolt(TM) cables, I always make sure to mention Optical Cables by Corning." 
Eugene Kim, CalDigit

“Corning, which is best known for its Gorilla Glass, manufactures 5.5-, 10-, and 30-m Thunderbolt Optical Cables by Corning. Corning has also announced a new 60-m length. These widely available interconnects, ready for Thunderbolt 2, employ active circuitry in the connectors to transform electrical signaling to modulated light and back again. Very lightweight, thin, tough, and highly pliable optical cables are perfect for moving bulky data around a facility. Because the multi-mode glass fiber is optimized for the specific application, jitter and signal integrity are not issues, even over relatively long distances.”  
Oliver A. Masciarotte - AudioXpress Magazine

“I used the Thunderbolt Optical cable to connect my MacBook Pro to a UA Apollo, daisy-chained with a standard three-foot Apple Thunderbolt cable to a G-Technology G-DOCK ev Thunderbolt Hard Drive. I used Dante’s Virtual Soundcard to record 64-tracks of audio for two hours into a Nuendo Live session and encountered no problems. Additionally, I’ve used the cable over and over in normal situations requiring a Thunderbolt cable and it has always performed flawlessly.”  
Russ Long, ProAudio Review

" …One of the coolest items I have run across in San Francisco in all the years I have been going to Macworld, was hidden in a small 10×10 and it will change my world. Corning, … were showing (Macworld 2013) their next generation of Optical Thunderbolt and USB3 cables … It is a tie it in a knot, fold it half, bang on it will a hammer, slam it in a door, drive over with a car while it still works like a charm. We are talking about incredibly long cable runs too, the USB3 cables reach to up to 30M with power, while the Thunderbolt cable runs without power at lengths up to 100M and both types of cables use the default, standard connection for each protocol type, making this the easiest way to connect via fiber ever."  
JGary Adcock, Pro A/V expert

"The release of the 33-foot-long Thunderbolt Optical Cable by Corning is a long-awaited event. For those that want to move data along a wired connection – a long distance, at that – there’s a lot to be said about the 10 Gbit/s bi-directional, dual channel technology, and as the first “all-optical” offering in the world – at this length, at least – Corning is bringing a rather unique product to the market. This massive piece of high-speed cable will span a cool 10 meters across your home, your office, or your home office." 
Chris Burns, Slash Gear

"4.5 Stars out of 5. Corning's Thunderbolt Optical Cable is a well-designed and durable interconnect. Compared against thick copper cables, the deceivingly thin and light cable can take as much or more abuse from everyday wear and tear." 
Mikey Campbell, Apple Insider

“I’ve been utilizing Corning’s Thunderbolt Optical Cables for nearly 18 months now and they continue to perform flawlessly.”
– Russ Long

“Here at Apogee, we confidently recommend Corning Optical Thunderbolt cables for our customers who require a longer distance between their Apogee Thunderbolt-equipped audio interface and computer. We've found Corning¹s cable to be 100% reliable in even the most demanding applications.” 
– Roger Robindoré - Apogee Electronics

“As I covered Corning's Thunderbolt Optical Cables last year for Pro Audio Review, I couldn't pass up another look. As Thunderbolt's 10 Gbps data transfer speed continues to take the recording world by storm, the only significant downfall has been the 3-foot copper cable length limitation, as there are always instances where you want to be close to some of your Thunderbolt devices, but not close to others. In addition to being smaller and lighter than copper cables, Corning's Optical Thunderbolt cables are available in 5-, 10-, 30- and 60-meter lengths. Corning has recently added a 5.5-meter cable length option, too. I continue to use my 10-meter version daily and it works flawlessly.” 
– Russ Long - ProSound News

“In the entire history of Linus Tech Tips, we're talking about over 2,500 videos here, I've only made a dedicated video about a cable 9 times. So when I say, this is the coolest cable I've ever seen, I hope that makes you want to stick around and learn more about it!” 
– Linus Tech Tips

“Thunderbolt transforms the way users connect devices to their PCs, dramatically increasing data transfer rates,” said Jason Ziller, director, Thunderbolt Marketing, Intel Corporation. “Corning has built upon its proven innovation track record to develop a key addition to the Thunderbolt ecosystem. Corning’s new optical fiber cables should help accelerate Thunderbolt adoption by enabling faster media capture, editing, and backup at distances beyond 10 meters.” 
– Jason Ziller, Intel

"I … used your cables this past week for a shoot of Avril Lavigne and her husband. The cables worked fantastic, they gave me the ability to have multiple thunderbolt displays arranged off set for clients to see. This new technology is wonderful, frees my set and allows for more creative freedom."
– Brian Bodin, Professional Photographer

"It is pretty simple. Take your 3 foot Thunderbolt cable and stretch it out 30 more feet without adding any weight. That’s what having a 33 foot Thunderbolt cable feels like. Why is that good? It enables you to take a bunch of stuff off your desk and put it in the closet. It is that simple."
– Seth Weintraub, 9to5Mac

“What makes it non-geek proof is that the Corning wizards have devised an 80 micron multimode fiber that can survive sharp turns. Not just small radius or curvature, but fold-it-in-half and tie-it-in-a-knot curves.” 
– Ransom Stephens, EDN

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