Fiber Array Units (FAUs)

Fiber Array Units

Fiber Array Units

Our broad range of fiber array units (FAUs) are designed for long-haul and metro networks as well as data center applications. With our specialty fiber capabilities and customizable V-groove chips and covers, Corning FAU products are tailorable to address your unique specifications including inter-fiber core pitch and precision, channel number, fiber type, and termination type. All of our FAUs feature ultra-accurate fiber core position with low insertion loss and high optical return loss, made possible by our advanced dicing machines and core pitch measurement machines. As one of the world’s leading innovators in materials science, Corning can also develop FAU-integrated connectors and interposers for your evolving photonic integrated circuit (PIC) requirements.

Corning's OEM application provides advanced optical solutions for a variety of applications, including AWGs and OADMs, multichannel switches, multichannel V-muxes, and SiP assemblies. Our solutions offer a range of features, including highly customizable options, high reliability in harsh environments, ultra-accurate core pitch position, high density, compact design, flexibility in fiber selection, and various termination methods. With OEM Solutions you can trust that our advanced optical solutions will meet your unique needs and deliver reliable performance.


• AWGs and OADMs
• Multichannel switches
• Multichannel V-muxes
• SiP assemblies


• Highly customizable
• High reliability in harsh environments
• Ultra-accurate core pitch position
• High density
• Compact design
• Flexibility in fiber selection
• Various termination methods