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Wireless and Cellular

Wireless and Cellular

Wireless and Cellular

A Spectrum of Great Multiplexing Products for Your Demands in Wireless Capacity

The demand for wireless bandwidth continues to explode as users embrace more smart-phones, tablets, and notebooks for work and entertainment. To support this demand, operators are adding towers, leasing dark fibers, deploying distributed antenna systems (DAS) and upgrading routers and switches in a costly effort. However, space for radio heads is limited, and fiber links tying these together are nearing capacity. Corning provides a spectrum of great multiplexing products to tackle the bottlenecks in your wireless and cellular deployments.

Addressing the Challenges

  • How can operators continue expansion without massive upgrades of the infrastructure?

    In DAS deployments, the need to link many small antenna makes Compact CWDMs, a small, rugged mux/demux, an ideal solution. With Corning’s free space optics technology, our SpectraMux™ compact CWDMs multiplex multiple wavelengths to increase capacity of lines connecting towers as well as to the top of the tower. These compact and flexible SpectraMux™ products can be mounted in trays or modules. Our NanoMux™ WDM family, designed in extremely compact, rugged packages, are ideal for use from cloud base stations and for expanding tower capacity with minimal capital expense.

    Features: Compact, rugged mux/demux, flexibility

    Products: SpectraMux™ compact CWDMsNanoMux™ WDMs

  • What's your ability to provide custom designs for connecting the new wireless capacity?

    Corning makes a range of single and multichannel assemblies so your new capacity can be efficiently connected. Sometime, you find a new problem that needs a clever solution. Bring those projects to us. One of our users wanted a simple, but rugged, way to break out signals from transceivers. We integrated our compact NanoMux into a breakout cable to create a rugged, easy-to-install Cablemux™ solution. Corning leverages the strength of our passive product technology with connectivity expertise to innovate solutions for the most demanding deployment challenges.

    Features: Custom, exceptional operations support

    Products: Cable assembliesCablemux™