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Make a Home Run with Our NGPON Solutions

In the beginning, there were only two wavelengths and a hint of what could be. FTTH grew from a laboratory demonstration to being the heart of our communications world. It carries our phone calls, all the data that drives modern business, and an expanding level of video that defines the Broadband Universe.

Corning has been there from the beginning. Our tri-filters and splitters, tested and qualified, are deployed around the globe. We work closely with major equipment suppliers and network owners to provide passive components that have the strength to survive real world conditions and the low losses demanded by the networks. Corning also builds modules and subsystems, including custom versions to meet special needs.

As the number of videos viewed approached 29 billion, it became obvious that a new network design would be needed to accommodate these bandwidth demands. NGPON is here. NGPON uses more wavelengths at different wavelength windows to provide greatly increased performance. Corning has been closely involved with leading equipment suppliers and carriers supporting this next-generation effort by supplying WDMS, splitters, and connectivity components that fit the NGPON requirements.

Addressing the Challenges

  • How can I increase the level of flexibility in deploying NGPONs that coexist with older systems?

    NGPON is a more expensive and complicated system that must coexist with existing plant already in place. Corning has coexistence devices that allow operators to deploy NGPONs and still interface with their GPON networks already installed. In addition, our expertise in filter design provides customized versions of the coexistence units to address local, specific needs.

    Features: Coexistence, customized units, flexibility

    Products: TriWave filterssplitters

  • Are there solutions to further reduce the cost?

    The other problem faced by the operators is not all subscribers will want to take the new service. Operators needed a low-cost, easy-to-install means to subscribers to keep their basic service while offering a neighbor an upgrade. Corning developed plug-in blocking filters. These simple, inexpensive devices can be put in line at the splitter hub or on the subscriber’s house to block NGPON service, or to restore it when needed, simply and without a splice. We expect network capacity and speed to increase with demand putting pressure on suppliers to produce better filters and components at lower prices. Corning has the expertise to solve these problems and the manufacturing capabilities to produce them in large quantities at pricing levels operators demand. Corning is your single source for all things passive for FTTH.

    Features: Cost-effective, manufacturing integration

    Products: Plug-blocking filters