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Is there really any question that today’s data center is tied directly to the success of a business? In fact, as the demand for larger applications grows and more information is cloud based, the data center has become a life-line to the rest of the world for enterprises, governments, and service providers.

Data centers need to be flexible in their design, providing ease of installation and affordability. Yet aggressive density requirements, greater power management, redundancy, and uptime make this increasingly difficult. The ability to keep up requires a reliable, best-in-class technology partner. Corning is dedicated to supporting your requirements with proven modules and components, and the expertise to develop solutions adapted to a rapidly changing data center environment.


Addressing the Challenges

  • How can I maximize the level of flexibility in equipment design?

    Corning specializes in working with our customers. Many of those customers are amoung the largest structured cabling providers in the world and create the highest level of flexibility in equipment design. We provide a range of products from high-density cassette and rack-mount packages to cable assemblies, fan-outs, fiber optic connectors, and adapters. Each solution is customized to the client’s current and long term-system needs. 

    Corning offers exceptional customer and operation support to make sure our customers get the most reliable product that can be effortlessly integrated into their existing line for enterprise or data centers. With our depth of vertical integration, we can ensure that Corning will grow with our customers while continuing to adapt to an ever-changing market landscape.

    Features: Adaptability, exceptional operations support, depth of vertical integration

    Products: High density cassettes, rack mount packages, cable assembliesconnectors and adapters

  • How can I maximize the efficiency in installation time and data center space?

    Corning understands that data center density demands and installation time are important to you. As network traffic increases substantially, we’ve taken the time to reexamine designs and technologies to help you maximize the efficiency of your infrastructure for enterprise and data centers. 

    We redesigned our LC adapters and connectors for better port count fit, came up with the 1x6 vertical flange LC adaptors, LC Slimpac push-pull uniboot connecters, and high-density cassettes which make possible up to a total of 192 LC ports in a 1RU. In our CWDM product line, we continue to shrink the size of our mux and demux products through assembly method. From compact CWDM to dime-size NanoMux™, we are advancing multiplexing for data center transceiver environments.

    Features: High density, Push-Pull, reconfigurable, module designed ready to use

    Products: High-density cassettes, LC Slimpac™ push-pull cable, trunk and switch cable, NanoMux™CableMux™

  • Multi-source agreements (MSAs) and associated cabling plans are coming. How can Corning help me to make the transition?

    Our world lives on data. From routine business use to the hottest new cat video to the cloud, data centers are seeing exponential increase in bandwidth demand. This will require new technologies and architectures as 100G becomes common and infrastructure designers start thinking in terms of kilometers. Single-mode will possibly displace multimode in data centers. Corning can help you manage the transition to the future. Multi wavelength signaling will be common in the Data Centers and between them. 

    To support this trend, Corning pioneered free space optics in our compact CWDM product line. These units are compact, rugged, and have better insertion loss than other designs making them ideal for increasing capacity without adding more fibers. SpectraMux™, Nanomux™, and CableMux™ products are field- and lab-proven and are ready for deployment. Corning has all the passives from filters and splitters to taps, cables, and interconnect products and innovative hardware to house them. 

    With 20 years of experience, we’ve been there and we understand the technology. Join the alliance and let us make this easy for you.

    Features: Handle higher data speed 100G, long distance

    Products: CWDMNanoMux™CableMux™