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ST® Connectors and Adapters

ST® Connectors and Adapters

Corning’s 720 series ST (single tube) fiber connectors and adapters offer superior performance and high repeatability. These products are fully intermate able with all standard ST products and deliver very high stability under a wide range of applications and conditions. The 720 series utilizes tightly tolerance perradius zirconia ferrules to ensure consistent low-loss and easy assembly. Corning also provides a family of ST fiber coupling adapters to support the ST connectors. These adapters utilize high-tolerance sleeves to ensure consistent low-loss and exceptional stability.


• Point-to-Point Systems
• Local Area Networks
• Test Instruments
• Enterprise Networks


• Metal Body Construction
• Single-Mode and Multimode Versions
• 2 mm, 3 mm, and 900 mm Boot Options in Various Colors
• Precision Pre-radiused Zirconia Ferrules
• Bayonet Mount Operation
• TIA-604 Compliant