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MU Connectors and Adapters

MU Connectors and Adapters

Corning’s 727 series MU (miniature unit) connectors deliver superior performance and high repeatability in a small-form factor. Our MU connectors feature impact-resistant, nonflammable polymer, push-pull type operation, scalable high-density package, small size, and lightweight. Connectors are available in either 2 mm or 900 μm boot types. MU adapters feature the same quality and reliability found in the SC adapter, plus all the benefits of a small-form-factor interface. MU adapters are available with either zirconia or metal sleeves in simplex or vertical duplex configurations.


• High-Density DWDM
• Telecommunications
• Test Instruments
• Broadband Networks
• Data Centers


• High-Density Package
• High-Optical Performance
• NTT Compatible
• TIA-604 Compliant
• Push-Pull Type Operation
• Small Size and Lightweight
• Telecordia GR-326 Qualified