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LC Slimpac™ Uniboot Connectors

LC Slimpac™ Uniboot Connectors

Corning's uniboot series of LC (lucent connector) connectors include Slimpac3™ Push-Pull, a reconfigurable and push-pull connector especially for high-density applications, Slimpac3™ also with reconfigurable capability, and Slimpac2™ duplex connectors.

With tightly tolerant ceramic ferrules to ensure consistent low-loss and ease of termination, these uniboot connectors are fully intermateable with standard LC licensed products. Corning LC Slimpac3™ push-pull cable assemblies exceed Telecordia GR-326 performance and reliability. They are available in single-mode, OM3 or OM4 multimode fiber types to meet a wide variety of configurations and requirements. Cable assemblies with LC Slimpac™ uniboot connectors save half of the cable infrastructure space over traditional duplex cable products.


• Data Centers
• Local Area Networks
• High-Density Applications
• Interconnects
• Cross-connects


• Uniboot with a Single Housing
• Unique Push-Pull Design and Function
• Easy to Assemble and Use
• Low Insertion Loss and Back Reflection
• High Repeatability and Reliability
• Telcordia GR-326 Qualified