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DWDM Modules

DWDM Modules

Corning’s dense wavelength division multiplexers (DWDMs) are integrated optical modules that combine, or multiplex, and separate, or demultiplex multiple optical signals of different wavelengths in a single fiber. By utilizing thin-film technology in the development and manufacturing of our DWDM products, we provide a wide range of solutions for 200 GHz, 100 GHz, and 50 GHz ITU wavelength-spacing applications. Custom configurations are available upon request. 


• Broadband Systems
• Telecommunications Networks
• Metro Networks
• Optical Add/Drop Multiplexing
• Expanding Existing DWDM Systems


• High Isolation and Low Insertion Loss
• Bidirectional
• Epoxy-Free Optical Path
• Wide- and Flat-Top Passband
• Completely Passive
• Highly Reliable and Stable
• Telcordia GR 1209/1221 Qualified