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In today’s always connected world, poor-quality indoor cellular service is a deal breaker. But what can you do when DAS is too big and small cell is too small? Get the advantage with a new flexible, all-fiber, end-to-end solution that’s just right. 


Future Ready Mobility

Future Ready Mobility

Every investment today must be considered in the context of “is this future-ready for tomorrow?”

Richer apps and experiences that incorporate video will continue to drive the tremendous traffic growth in enterprise cellular consumption, accelerating wholesale replacement and integration of enterprise communications platforms. This will, in turn, accelerate the adoption of progressive strategies that value both Wi-Fi and cellular as equally important halves of a total wireless solution.

What can we do today to be future-ready for tomorrow?

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Strategic Cellular in Enterprise

Strategic Cellular in Enterprise

As mobility has moved to mission-critical and 5G has slashed the budgets of operators to fund enterprise cellular improvements indoors, enterprises have to leverage the most out their investments to justify the cost and maximize the business value. Join Matt Hilla, Director - Cloud & Connectivity at ADIDAS; Kyung Mun, Principal Analyst at Mobile Experts; and Art King, IBN Technologies at Corning for this jam packed discussion about the options to transform and add features on top of a cellular investment. Enterprise IT pros and their System Integration partners who are considering adding cellular to the wireless mix or who want to squeeze more value from their present investment...

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