MTP® PRO Connector with Push-Pull Boot

Our industry-leading MTP® connector family has a new addition – the MTP® PRO connector with push-pull boot. Now standard on all EDGE™ and EDGE8® assemblies.*

With no special skills or training required, you can easily perform polarity and pin reconfiguration in the field without removing the connector housing or exposing fibers. Now, the new push-pull boot enables easier mating and unmating in extremely dense applications. The MTP PRO offers true push-pull functionality without compromising the connector footprint. Additionally, its enhanced latching and alignment features reduce debris generation, resulting in trouble-free patching.

The MTP PRO connector with push-pull boot offers simplified and robust field configurability, ease of use, and enhanced performance combined with the MTP connector you know and trust.

*This does not include 24 F MTP connector.

Feature Benefit
Field Polarity Change Simple one-step, color-coded polarity change feature without removing connector housing
Integrated Push-Pull Sleeve Robust push-pull insertion and extraction housing design for ease of use when patching
Push-Pull Boot Enabling easier mating and unmating in extremely dense applications
Field Pin Change Field-friendly configuration with safe handling of pins and easy color identification while maintaining product integrity
Debris Reduction  Latch-lock geometry and material optimized to reduce debris generation when patching
Environmentally Friendly RoHS and REACH compliant without exemptions

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