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Presentation and Poster Downloads from SLAS2018 | Rock the Science of 3D.

Rock the Science of 3D.

Rock the Science of 3D.

Download Corning Scientific Posters and Presentations from SLAS2018

Learn more about a novel 3D glioma blood brain barrier model to bulk production of cell aggregates in microcavity vessels for high throughput screening and much more.

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Short Course: Set-up and Validation of 3D Primary, Stem Cell and Immortalized Cultures for Downstream Microplate Reader and Imaging Applications

Tutorial: 3D Image-based Characterization of 3D Cell Culture Models Generated Using Spheroid Microplates

Poster Presentation 1106-B: A Novel Three Dimensional Glioma Blood Brain Barrier Model for High Throughput Testing of Tumoricidal Capability

Poster Presentation 1036-B: Combination of Ultra-Low Attachment Spheroid Microplates with a Tissue Clearing Technique for Easy-to-Use 3D Cell Culturing and True 3D Characterization

Poster Presentation 1121-B: 3D High Content Screening of Liver Spheroids

Poster Presentation 1191-B: Bulk Production of Cell Aggregates in Microcavity Vessels and Dispensing to Corning® Microplates for High Throughput Screening

Tutorial: Hepatotoxicity Determination Using 3D Primary Human Hepatocyte Culture Systems versus Large Approved Drug Libraries

Exhibitor Spotlight: Rock the Science of 3D: From Promise to Reality

Podium Talk: High Throughput 3D Assays

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