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Extreme closeup of tiny, colorful glass "tiles" of semiconductor

Tropel® µCAT™
UV Micro-Objectives

Tropel® µCAT™ UV Micro-Objectives

Superior Design, Performance and Flexibility

Corning’s Tropel® µCAT™ family of catadioptric, long working distance micro-objectives are designed for use down to Deep Ultraviolet wavelengths. The µCAT’s superior design attributes outperform Schwarzschild objectives. Before considering an all-mirror system, take a closer look at the Tropel µCAT.


The µCAT design incorporates reflective and refractive elements, resulting in a micro-objective with high numerical aperture, long working distance and low obscuration. High resolution and advantaged light collection, with a working distance that can work with a pellicle, the µCAT’s features combine performance and flexibility in a cost effective solution.

All materials selected for use in the µCAT objectives are ultra-low outgassing to minimize sources of contamination.

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