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The CLT laser dicing process increases processing speed, improves accuracy and utilization and minimizes particle generation.

With decreasing die sizes and increasing wafer diameters, material utilization becomes more important for high yield semiconductor applications, requiring high quality and high-speed dicing processes. Manufacturing more complex dies such as coated and structured dies benefit from laser dicing regarding quality and cleanliness.

The CLT laser dicing process is a two-step approach of modification and separation: the modification of glass wafers is done by CLT’s well-established laser process while the separation can be realized by automated breaking on stretch tape. The results are increased processing speed, improved accuracy and utilization as well as minimal particle generation.

Exemplary investigations of a Corning® HPFS® Fused Silica (HPFS) glass wafer demonstrate the exceptional performance for chipping and edge quality and provide a quality, where the chipping performance is better than 50 µm with very precise edges and die corners.


  • Small die sizes
  • Wafer sizes of up to 300 mm diameter
  • High die quality and processing speed
  • Superior results in yields
  • Near-zero kerf loss
  • High edge strength
  • Unprecedented aspect ratios


  • Micro-fluidics
  • Micro-optics
  • Meta-surfaces
  • Glass wafer-based semiconductor applications
  • Dicing of other brittle, transparent materials (e.g. Sapphire
  • Coated and structured dies



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