CLT 80G Laser Cutting Tool

Corning CLT 80G

Corning CLT 80G

High-Precision Laser Glass Processing for Up To Gen 8

The CLT 80G laser glass cutting tool is designed for 24/7 manufacturing in an industrial environment, supporting a glass substrate size of  up to 2300 mm x 2500 mm. The Corning Laser Technologies systems are developed in close cooperation with the specialty glass experts at Corning. Their material science and optics knowledge adds unique advantages to this laser glass cutting process.

Using ultra-short laser pulses, the CLT 80G cuts by material disassociation rather than ablation. The result is a very low surface roughness, increased as-cut edge strength and faster throughput. The Corning laser glass cutting process enables fully strengthened glass cutting, Corning® Gorilla® glass, un-strengthened glass, as well as other transparent glass and crystalline materials.