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Laser Technologies Applications: Cutting

Laser Technologies Applications: Cutting

Laser Cutting Display Glass
Corning Laser Technologies' laser cutting processes employ ultra-short laser pulses (in the picosecond range) that cut the glass utilizing nonlinear processes.  This ensures a low cut face roughness, increased cut bend strength, and a higher throughput. Corning Laser Technologies laser glass cutting thus enables a higher quality, output and yield in the high volume production of touchscreen displays for smart phones, tablet PCs and other consumer products.

Smooth Edges and High Break Strength
Even without post processing, the edge roughness achieved by our cutting process is < 2µm.  In most cases the glass can be used ‘as cut’, saving on post-processing time and cost.  Glass pieces cut with Corning Laser Technologies' laser process have superior break strength behavior, compared to items singulated by other laser and conventional glass cutting processes.

Laser Glass Cutting Machine Solutions
Corning Laser Technologies offers the following laser machine solutions for glass cutting: