Custom Glass Solutions

Custom Glass Solutions specializes in providing customers with made-to-order, display-grade glass in custom sizes and quantities, suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Try Corning Glass with a Development Kit

Corning's industry-leading display glass is now available in Development Kits in four formats:

  • Corning® Eagle XG® Glass, 100x100x0.7mm
  • Corning® Eagle XG® Glass, 100x100x1.1mm
  • Corning® Eagle XG® Glass, 370x470x0.7mm
  • Corning® Eagle XG® Glass, 370x470x1.1mm

Contact us today to place your development kit order. They are available in quantities of 10, 20, or 50 panels per kit. Pricing and expected delivery time will be provided upon request.

Material will be shipped from regional warehouses subject to Corning's standard terms and conditions for development products.

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About Custom Glass Solutions

About Custom Glass Solutions

Corning’s proprietary fusion draw process creates ultra-flat substrates with precise thickness control. This manufacturing platform produces large-sized glass substrates up to Gen 10.5, enabling customized substrate offerings that maximize glass utilization and minimize glass handling.

Available in panel or wafer format, our flexible design solutions and manufacturing processes help lower customers’ costs, giving them more glass and reducing waste. From industry leading materials like Corning® Eagle XG® Glass and Corning Lotus™ NXT Glass, our high-quality array of glasses feature superior surface quality and tightly-controlled total thickness variation (TTV). We offer custom quantities of cost-effective form factors or full sheets of Gen 5 (1300mm x 1100mm) and above.