CLT 43D Laser Glass Processing | Laser Cutting of 3D-Shaped Glass | Corning

The CLT 43D is designed to meet the demands of processing cover glasses and glass dashboards with curved surfaces. It uses the CLT nanoPerforation process, which cuts glass with ultrashort laser pulses through localized perforation, rather than material ablation. This results in smooth, high-quality cuts at high processing speeds.

CLT has further developed the nanoPerforation process to  enable the cutting of 3D shaped glass. Thanks to the high edge quality of the nanoPerforation process, there is little or no post-processing required. As laser cutting is contactless, it does not need process fluids and there is no tool wear. These attributes help reduce the total cost of ownership and make the CLT nanoPerforation not only more flexible, but also more cost effective than traditional MS&B processes.

The CLT 43D features a specially developed, fast, and highly precise CLT 5-axis beam delivery system. It ensures that the laser beam is always perpendicular to the glass surface when cutting 3D-shaped glass. This enables freeform, near net shape cutting, allowing users to realize innovative 3D designs for mobile devices, automotive dashboards, displays, consumer electronics and more. 


Typical Functions of the CLT 43D

Glass processing applications:

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