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Our Capabilities

Our Capabilities

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Corning Laser Technologies can accurately cut thicker glass materials or functionalized and stacked glasses at high processing speeds.

There is a trend towards new structural and design features in architectural glass and smart windows applications that are increasingly difficult to achieve with conventional glass cutting methods.

With the advancement of the laser technology in general and commercial availability of industrial ultra-fast laser sources with even higher power and pulse energy, Corning Laser Technologies is able to scale the laser cutting performance such that also thicker glass materials or functionalized and stacked glasses can be accurately cut at high processing speeds.

We have further developed the Corning® nanoPerforation technology to cut glass thicknesses of up to 10mm in a single pass, providing all the benefits of the laser cutting combined with high throughput at the same time. This thick glass capability can also be utilized for cutting of complex shapes, coated glass and structures like the smart windows. Being able to nanoPerforate the smart window glass stack in a single pass and the half-cut with minimum damage to the TCO-film of the lower sheet, enables to streamline the smart window manufacturing process with a high design flexibility at the same time.

By incorporating our enhanced thick glass capability into our machine platforms designed for and proven in 24/7 manufacturing environments, we provide a highly economical and reliable solution for laser cutting of architectural glass, smart windows and other complex structures, opening the doors to new possibilities.




•       Glass Thicknesses up to 10 mm

•       nanoPerforation through entire glass thickness in one single pass

•       Thick glass cutting for architectural applications

•       Precise cutting of smart window glass stacks

•       Streamline manufacturing processes

•       Outstanding design flexibility

•       High throughput and processing speed


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