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3D Laser Cutting Tools

Building on the already established CLT 43D tool, we have scaled our 3D laser cutting technology and introduced the CLT 63D to meet the increasing demand for laser cutting of large 3D glass products.

The CLT63D is based on Corning®’s patented and proven nanoPerforation process and it includes the rich software controls and system capabilities which are standard on all our industrial tools.

The CLT63D will take 3D-shaped workpieces up to 1,900 mm x 1,300 mm x 400 mm in size which is an increase in volume of nearly 300% compared to the CLT43D. The highly precise CLT 5-axis laser beam delivery system cuts any contour from straight lines to freeform fast and with the highest edge quality.

The benefit of a clean laser process means that the CLT63D needs no fluids or other process consumables. There is also no tool wear, and this helps to deliver consistently high accuracy and yield and a low total cost of ownership.

Customers are delighted to learn that the laser cut edge needs no or a much-reduced post processing effort which translates to a more sustainable and lower-cost manufacturing process.


Typical Functions of CLT 3D cutting tools

Glass processing applications:

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