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Advance pre-clinical drug discovery goals with the support of Corning Gentest Contract Research Services and put your organization on a rapid path to sound decision-making.

Take your ADME/Tox testing to completion.

Founded in 1992, we stand ready to become an extension of your ADME teamor your virtual ADME partnerto help strengthen your ability to meet your drug discovery and pre-clinical goals.

  • Full range of ADME/Tox services: From permeability, drug absorption, and transport to drug metabolism our services fully support your comprehensive ADME/Tox testing needs.
  • Long track record of success: For more than 20 years, the Corning Gentest Contract Research team has been successfully developing and conducting in vitro drug-drug interaction studies, contributing to hundreds of pharmaceutical discovery and development programs for many of the world's leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies.
  • Skilled Study Directors: Our scientists are experts in the areas of drug absorption, transporters, metabolism, induction, toxicity, and industry/regulatory guidance. We'll work with you to facilitate informed decisions.
  • Alignment with regulatory guidance: Study designs are continually updated to be aligned with current Regulatory Agency guidance. So you can be assured you’ll have the right data for submission to the FDA, EMA, and MHLW-PWDA.
  • Superior Quality: All services are conducted in Corning's GLP-compliant and ISO 9001-certified laboratories. You can depend on our team for accurate, reproducible data and regulatory submission-ready reports.
  • Customization: Whether modifying our standard protocols or adapting the protocols of our clients, Corning has the expertise needed to offer customized solutions to meet your specific needs.

ADME Services

Corning Gentest Contract Research Services

What’s New

Services, Resources and More

Services, Resources and More

Testing SLC Transporter-Mediated Drug-Drug Interaction using Corning TransportoCells

In this poster, you will learn our approach and see validation data from our newly established, robust in vitro assays for conducting screening and definitive transporter-mediated DDI studies recommended by regulatory agencies.

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Impact of BSA in Assay Buffer on Papp Values

In vitro apparent permeability (Papp) is routinely evaluated using Caco-2 study models in drug discovery programs. In this poster, our scientists assessed how addition of BSA in assay buffer affects the analysis of Papp values with compounds that have high non-specific binding properties.

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Time-dependent Inhibition

This peer-reviewed publication provides an in depth discussion on the merits of various abbreviated cytochrome P450 time-dependent inhibition assays.

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The Use of Calibration Curves to Predict CYP3A4 Induction Potential

Read how in vivo CYP3A4 induction responses were well predicted using RIS, R3, Cmax/EC50, and AUC/F2 parameters in calibration curve-based methodology.

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Check out this informative webinar to bbtain a comprehensive view on Corning Gentest services.

Our new CYP induction and SLC transporter assay services—designed to align with regulatory agency guidance—continue to strengthen our in vitro drug-drug interaction testing portfolio with a deep focus on enzyme inhibition, induction, and transport.

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Additional Information

Helpful Regulatory Guidance

EMA Guideline on the Investigation of Drug Interactions (2012)

EMA Guideline - Investigation of Drug Interactions

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PMDA Draft Guideline on Drug Interactions (2013)

PMDA Draft Guideline on Drug Interactions (2013)

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