A Beginner’s Guide to Scaling-Up Cells | Webinar | Life Sciences

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Learn Efficient Scale-up Strategies

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Who should watch:

  • Process development scientists
  • Drug discovery researchers
  • Cell biologists
  • Student researchers

You will learn:

  • How to select the best scale-up vessel for adherent cultures
  • Considerations when selecting the best scale-up vessel for suspension cultures
  • Parameters to consider when scaling-up cells


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This webinar covers:

  • - Major reasons for cell culture scale-up: 0:29 - 1:18
  • - How to select the best scale-up vessel for adherent cultures: 1:19 - 16:47
  • - How to select the best scale-up vessel for suspension cultures: 25:59 - 35:14
  • - Parameters to consider when scaling-up cells: 35:15 - 41:24
Q&A session:
  • - I transferred my suspension cells from a shaker flask to a spinner flask and the growth rate decreased. Can you explain what happened? 42:08 – 42:52
  • - I’m scaling-up my cells from a T225 Flask to a Corning® HYPERFlask® and noticed a lot of clump cells when I harvest the cells off a HYPERFlask when I use trypsin. Why is this happening? 43:50 - 44:55
  • - For MDBK cells, which is the recommended microcarrier coating? 46:47 – 47:15
  • - I’m trying to scale-up a cell line that I’ve never worked with before and my cells are not attaching. What do you recommend? 47:25 – 48:17
  • - In your slide, you suggest scaling-up from a Corning® CellCube® to a Microcarrier culture, but would you recommend scaling up from a low volume microcarrier culture to a high volume microcarrier culture? For example, 30L to 100L? 50:12 – 51:25
  • - For the K562 leukemia cells, the vendor recommends using T-75 flasks with no agitation. Can you explain that? And any thoughts on scaling-up? 52:34  - 53:28

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