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Brought to you by Corning Life Sciences

To gain exclusive access to five articles and original research from SLAS Discovery 2017, please complete this short form.

The peer-reviewed articles and original scientific reports from this special issue of SLAS Discovery address achievements, including:

  • 3D cell culture applications in cancer research
  • Use of multicellular spheroids as 3D cell models
  • Use of imaging technologies
  • 3D culture with organoids
  • Novel applications for hydrogel-based surfaces

The June 2017 issue of SLAS Discovery showcases 3D cell culture as a rapidly emerging approach to cellular science and drug discovery.

Normally, Journal content is not open access until one full year following the print publication. However, through an SLAS and Corning Life Sciences partnership, we are pleased to offer exclusive access to 5 of the reports from this special issue.

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Please find the links below to access the select peer reviewed articles and original research from SLAS Discovery 2017.
3D Models of the NCI60 Cell Lines for Screening Oncology Compounds

Mike Selby, Rene Delosh, Julie Laudeman, Chad Ogle, Russell Reinhart, Thomas Silvers, Scott Lawrence, Robert Kinders, Ralph Parchment, Beverly A. Teicher, David M. Evans
A High-Throughput Screening Model of the Tumor Microenvironment for Ovarian Cancer Cell Growth

Madhu Lal-Nag, Lauren McGee, Rajarshi Guha, Ernst Lengyel, Hilary A. Kenny, Marc Ferrer
A 1536-Well 3D Viability Assay to Assess the Cytotoxic Effect of Drugs on Spheroids

Franck Madoux, Allison Tanner, Michelle Vessels, Lynsey Willetts, Shurong Hou, Louis Scampavia, Timothy P. Spicer
RNAi High-Throughput Screening of Single- and Multi-Cell-Type Tumor Spheroids: A Comprehensive Analysis in Two and Three Dimensions

Jiaqi Fu, Daniel Fernandez, Marc Ferrer, Steven A. Titus, Eugen Buehler, Madhu A. Lal-Nag
Exploring Drug Dosing Regimens in Vitro using Real-Time 3D Spheroid Tumor Growth Assays

Madhu Lal-Nag, Lauren McGee, Steven A. Titus, Kyle Brimacombe, Sam Michael, Gurusingham Sittampalam, Marc Ferrer

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