3D Cell Culture Models E-Book Bundle

Download Our 3D Cell Culture Models E-Book Bundle

This bundle includes the following e-books:

  • 3D Model Systems e-Book: Spheroids, Organoids, and Tissue Models

    3D model systems: spheroids, organoids and tissue model systems
    Getting started with spheroid cultures
    Getting started and culture tips for organoids
    Future of 3D cell culture systems: spheroids and organoids

  • Expert Guide to Advanced 3D Cell Culture

    Benefits of using organoids for drug discovery
    How to use ECMs for organoid culture
    Strategies to move your 3D models into an HTS environment

  • All About Organoids

How to produce high quality organoids for your specific application
Tips on overcoming challenges in working with organoids
The benefits of using organoids to study the basics of biology, as well as development of a wide range of diseases

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