Single-Use Plastic Circularity Summit

The scientific process is incredibly important to the health of the globe, as we have seen within the global pandemic over the last two years. However, it is a rather wasteful process. Single-use plastics are the cause of this. Avoiding plastic straws and grocery bags are a great personal effort but let’s take it another step forward. The scientific and manufacturing communities can come together to reduce the use of single-use plastics throughout the innovative processes we all know and love.

This event showcased a collective of professionals from contributors across the ecosystem, to resin vendors and end-of-life recyclers. Keynote speakers and panelists led discussions revolving around understanding the industry, identifying support motives, and collaborative efforts within ecosystem participants. 

We had an incredible lineup of speakers and sessions that you can rewatch on demand. If you would like to access the content on demand, please fill out the form on this page.

Presentations and topics include:

  • Keynote: The Value of Working Together to Achieve Scale | Joseph Vaillancourt - CEO, Cyclyx International
  • Level Setting the Plastic Recycling Landscape in 2022
  • Current Solutions to a Challenging Waste Stream
  • Demonstrating Carbon Reduction with LCAs'
  • The Corporate Value of Circularity
  • Reshape Safe, Sustainable Labs and Makerspaces on Campus: An Experimental Study on Material Flow through Human-centered System Design
  • Notes from the Trenches: What is Working & Not Working with Lab Plastic Waste
  • The Circular Value Chain: How the Industry Supply Chain Is Forming an Ecosystem for Results
  • What's Next: Take Action to Make Life Sciences Circularity Real